#TBT Throwback Thursday: Our history

One of the interesting things about our churches collective storied history is how Google understands our history and includes it not only on terms of our own history as the First United Methodist Church but in a broader sense of Methodism’s history in Miami in general.

When one searches Methodist Churches in Miami FL, it doesn’t take many search pages to begin to see search results for both the White Temple Methodist and Trinity Methodist churches. Remarkable especially because many of these search results come before churches more deserving of these precious results in that they are not only not demolished, but open, and active.

This demonstrates how important our history truly is. In fact, if one searches on Google for White Temple Methodist Church in Miami FL, our history page comes up as the first result, showing that Google understands our history very well.

As we near our 120th anniversary in 2016, it is important that we tell this story clearly, and #ThrowbackThursady is one of the several ways we will do that in the months to come.

Today we look at two of the images that come up early in the specific search for Methodist churches in Miami. The first is a scan of the demolition of the White Temple, as archived a scan of an original 8 x 10 black and white print of unlisted origin archived by the State Archives of Florida and Florida Memory.

The second, one of many postcards that showcase the White Temple. A near lost art in this generation of smartphones and instant telling visually of your exploits on Social Media and other instant electronic means, postcards were the easiest way to tell loved ones where you have traveled, and what was important to you on that trip.