The Prodigal Brother….

Has anyone ever waited for you to come and ask for forgiveness?

In the story of the prodigal son the Father waits everyday for the son to come home and ask forgiveness and be part of the family again. In the story before the son can say anything his father embraces him.

The story of Jacob and his brother Esau is not much different. In Genesis 33 we hear a story which resembles that of the prodigal son, yet this time it is the prodigal brother. Jacob steals his brother’s inheritance and although he does not squander it he does squander his family and all the relationships.

Eventually the prodigal brother, Jacob, comes back to apologizes to Esau yet before he can say anything Esau embraces him! They both exchange gifts and express their love and respect for one another.

When we read the story it is almost as if both Esau and Jacob had rehearsed the reconciliation in their head. They had anticipated it and dreamed of it. In some way they too knew that their reconciliation was wrapped up in their relationship with God.

This week I encourage each of us to dream of reconciliation. Maybe it is in your own life with a relative or friend. Maybe it is a larger social issue or work related situation. Too often we dream of the opposite. We dream about how we will react and what are “come backs” will be. Jacob and Esau teach us that at the end of our lives reconciliation with those around us is more important than anything.

This week let us dream with God about what is holy and good and even possible with God’s help!

See you on Sunday!

Pastor Audrey