24 Hrs in Waco

24 Have you ever been to Waco? 

On Monday I had 24 hours in Texas to visit a friend and do whatever I want. There were many options for eight hours of free time while my best friend from high school was at work. Eight hours all to myself….to do what I want….no work….no emergencies…..

I could get a massage. I could read a few books. I could go to the community pool. 

All of those were great options but then I remembered I was only an hour from Waco, TX! 

I immediately put it in my GPS and headed to Waco!

On my to Waco I called a few people and let them know where I was going. 

One friend, who is older than 35 said, “Waco….why are you going to Waco….is that not where a failed cult took place?”

I called my little sister who had a very different response, “You are going to Waco?!?! I am so jealous! Please pick me up some things from Magnolia Market.” 

The person over 35 has not heard of the show, “Fixer Upper” from HGTV. The reality show is about a couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and their housing remodeling business in Waco which has now made Waco, TX one of the most visited tourist attraction in the state of Texas. 

Waco, which was once known as the site of a crazy cult gone bad, has been transformed too much like the homes Chip and Joana put their hands on. 

As I began to think about Waco and the transformation it has seen and the reputation that has been remade it caused me to think of each of us……

Through the power and transformation of the loving hands of God….each of us too can be transformed. 

This Sunday is Pentecost….the day we remember the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples and EMPOWERING them to go forth and tell people about Jesus and his transforming message. 

We are reminded at Pentecost that God has the power to move….specifically in our lives. 

At Pentecost God could have totally come on a chariot from the sky and wrote a message in the clouds for all to see and maybe believe. 

Yet, God, through humans decided to spread God’s message to all people. 

Just as God transformed and used the imperfect disciples…God has the power to continually transform our lives and church. 

This week may we each have hope that God has the power to change things…even us! 

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Audrey