A Holy Hip Replacement…

Have you ever known someone to have a hip replacement before?

I have not but I was born premature and my hips had not yet formed therefore I had to wear a hip brace for the first three months of my life. Needless to say, there are not too many pictures of me from the waist down those first three months!

In our scripture for this week, we hear another odd story from Genesis. Jacob is once again the star of the show except for this time instead of fighting with his father or brother he is in a wrestling match with God or an angel of the Lord.

Jacob is traveling with his family and sends them across the river. He then believes he is being approached by a man. They wrestle and when the man sees that Jacob is winning scripture says that the man “touches” his hip and thigh.

As I have read this scripture I wonder over and again, “why the thigh and hip?” What happens after this story might give us a clue.

The scripture proceeding this one tells of Jacob’s reconciliation with his brother Esau who he cheated out of his birthright. Scripture says that Jacob bows to his brother seven times and is incredibly apologetic. This is a new attitude for Jacob.

Jacob’s wrestling match humbled him both spiritually and literally physically. After a bit of research, I also discovered that in ancient middle eastern physiology that the thigh and hip were said to be the strongest muscle and part of the body. In many ways, Jacob had a “holy hip replacement!”

Sometimes it is when the strongest places in our life are challenged that something holy is actually happening. Maybe the moments we wrestle and are weak in life are not so much “test” or “bad luck” or a “bad day” but maybe they are signs of growth and introspection with God?

I wonder this week what you are wrestling with and how God might be working in it or what God might be wanting to communicate to you through it?

This week I pray we all might bring what we are wrestling with to God and not try to figure it out alone! This week may God be in your gratitude, blessings and also in your wrestling!

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Audrey