A Sacred Story in Somebody

This Sunday we will begin our third week of the Bible in “Twelve Words…”

Our first word was creation. The second relation.

This week we focus on liberation….

The liberation story of the Old Testament which is echoed throughout the rest of scripture is the story of God setting the Israelites free from slavery in Egypt.

God worked this miracle through Moses.

Moses was an Israelite who was sent down a river by his mother to save his life as Pharaoh was killing all the babies.

Moses was picked up from the river by Pharaoh’s daughter and suddenly became a privileged and wealthy Egyptian.

For many years the Israelites and Egyptians lived in peace.

The Egyptians feared the Israelites because they were growing in number and they were afraid that they might take over their land. So, they made them slaves.

When Moses learned that he was actually an Israelite he went a bit mad….he did not know how to reconcile his two identities.

Moses had to look at the Israelites differently than he had before….because he was one.

Moses’ vision of the Israelites changed. He no longer looked at them as objects or slaves or in a transactional way….he saw them as friends….actually family.

This is the same way God sees us. In Galatians, Paul says, “Christ no longer considers us slaves but friends.”

The story of Moses displays a man who began to see the relationships around him as a friendship and not a transaction.

This is how liberation and peace were brought to the Israelites.

The same is still true with us today.

We are liberated and find peace when we remember that there is a sacred story in somebody…..everybody.

This week I wonder what relationships have become transactional for you? I wonder what relationships are at war?

How might liberation and peace be brought back into your life and relationships?

God’s plan from the beginning of time is that each of us might be free, liberated and at peace. Today may we each pray and ask God to change our hearts and minds that we might receive God’s plan anew.

See you this Sunday!
Audrey Warren