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Who are “your people”? There might be various groups that you might classify as “your people”. Possibly your family. Maybe your “team” at work. Maybe people from your hometown in another country are “your people.” Sometimes we choose who “our people” are and sometimes they are chosen for us. The scripture this week comes from […]

When Your Church Makes National News

United Methodist Church is meeting this week in St. Louis. The city with the big arch…Not often do church groups meet and make National News. Every four years the General Conference of the United Methodist Church meets…most years it does not make National news…but this year…it does…and it has…and will continue to make national news.  […]

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

“Hard is not bad.” This phrase was ingrained in my mind while serving as the pastor at Branches UMC. Kim Torres, the director of programming, would often say this to our youth and young adults when they were encountering “hard” situations. Even though many reading this email are no longer youth or young adults, many […]