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Rights and Responsibility…

In life, there are many “rights of passage”. Many of us remember turning fifteen and receiving our driver’s license or possibly turning twenty- one and trying a drink for the first time. Some might have even gotten a thrill from the possibility of renting a car at the age of twenty-five. These moments in time […]

Welcome Ahmad Smith…

Join me in welcoming Ahmad Smith as our youth and children coordinator! Ahmad comes to us from Jacksonville and is a senior at FIU studying marketing and communication. Ahmad comes to us with great experience in mentoring youth, planning events for children and teaching Sunday School at his local church. Ahmad is a life long […]

Welcome Kipp Nelson…

Can you name four restuarnts and five buildings within two blocks of the church? Most of us cannot…. For this reason we as a church are putting intentional efforts to being a church in downtown and for downtown! We do this through our breakfast club ministry as we now have formed a speical relationship with […]

If Necessary use words…?

“Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words.” These words are often attributed to St. Francis and used by many pastors and churches to promote the missional actions that communicate the gospel maybe even more than words could. When we give a person shoes every spring we communicate the gospel. Every Wednesday, […]

Happy Birthday Church…..

Did you know that the church has a birthday? Not an anniversary but a day we celebrate the birth of the church at large. The day we celebrate as the church’s birthday is Pentecost Sunday which we will celebrate this Sunday! Fifty days after Easter many Jews gathered together in Jerusalem to celebrate Shavuot which […]

Gracefully Growing Together

Gracefully Growing Together First United Methodist Church of Miami’s plans for redevelopment. As you may be aware, the First United Methodist Church of Miami is exploring options to redevelop its property at 400 Biscayne Boulevard to allow the church and its congregation to gracefully grow together in community. The church is working with a strategic […]

L.I.F.E. Downtown: “It was probably the Irish in her.”

“It was probably the Irish in her.” This is what my grandmother has said to justify or explain a behavior of her mother- my great-grandmother- Kathleen Bowling. My great-grandmother was Irish by descent and her family came over in the later 1800s after the Irish Famine. My great-grandmother raised her 11 children during the Great […]