Christmas in July…..

With 100 degree temperatures around the nation it is hard to imagine Christmas in July! For some snow might be a welcome gift in July!

This Sunday in worship we continue our series, A Summer With Seuss. This week we will read, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and explore the spirituality of Seuss found in that story.

REMEMBER to come in your Christmas best! The person who is best dressed will win a fun prize!

If you remember the story of the Grinch you will remember that he had a hard time dealing with all the happiness of all the Who’s in Who-ville. For some reason he could not be happy for those who were happy. The Who’s loved Christmas and he hated Christmas. The Grinch could not bring himself to be happy for the Who’s even though he did not get why they loved Christmas so much.

I’m sure many of us can relate. Maybe its not Christmas but I am sure there is some holiday or habit or reason for why someone is happy and we are not.

The Grinch could not be happy because his heart was two sizes too small.

For us many times its hard to be happy for someone else when they are happy because we want what they have, we feel they don’t deserve it or we are jealous. The list is long and if we are honest with ourselves we have all been there.

Recently, I have had to deal with this personally. Most of the time I am surprisingly happy with people who are happy. I actually love to celebrate…whatever the occasion! I am a joyful person and get energy from the joy others have and want to share!

BUT, recently, a close person in my life became pregnant. I wanted to be happy and I was happy for her but I could not hide my sadness.

We can’t control our feelings. My sadness is normal and probably one that many reading this have felt.

I know its ok for me to feel the sadness of currently not having children of my own but I also know that I need to show up for this person and I need to be happy for her and show that and share in it! Although this person would be ok for me to walk out of “life” for a while and come back when I am “better” I do not want to be that person.

This has been the basis of my prayers recently. The scripture verse that I have prayed over and over is the one we will look at in worship this week, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15.

I have learned over the past week how prayer and practice change things and really help form the habits of our heart.

Being happy with those who are happy does not come naturally to many of us but it is a habit of the heart. Habits come with practice.

I have found that the more I pray and the more  I call this person and ask to hear how she is doing I am actually happy for her!

This week I wonder if you have this same struggle? Or maybe another struggle of the heart?

The way out and through is prayer and practice!

May God give the grace to pray through it and the strength to practice!


Pastor Audrey  


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