Experience L.I.F.E. Downtown

First United Methodist Church is called to serve the community by inviting others to Experience L.I.F.E. Downtown

This L.I.F.E. is made known through a Living, Inclusive, Faithful and Emerging Christian congregation. It is these core principles that guide our Christian life together.

Living: Our church seeks to be a place where growth is constant, encouraging change while coming to new understandings about the world and about God’s work within it. Not unlike other living systems, we seek to show signs of life through growth, adaptation, change and re-creation. We believe this growth happens primarily through prayer, scripture reading and small groups for reflection and sharing. All members are encouraged to actively participate in a small group.

Inclusive: FUMC of Miami has long been a church where all people are welcome. Miami is home to people from different countries and cultural heritage. Residents of this city speak different languages and espouse different political and theological beliefs. We take pride in providing a spiritual home to people who represent these differences and seek to grow in faith while pursuing the greater purpose of life – to honor God and grow in peace and understanding. All members will be expected to offer God’s hospitality and welcome to others.

Faithful: This church believes that serving the community is one of the strongest witnesses to a loving and just God. For over thirty years we have provided breakfast to homeless men and women downtown. This year alone we will provide nearly 30,000 meals to the homeless. By serving others, our hearts are changed to be more like the heart of God. Each member is encouraged to serve in an outreach capacity at least one hour per week.

Emerging: We believe that we are moving toward that which God desires for us; something more than what we are today. We believe the best is yet to come and that through time spent in worship and prayer we can discern God’s greater desires for each of us and for our community. We trust that we will not be the same next year as we are today, nor will our church. For this purpose, we encourage regular worship attendance as the best way to center ourselves and stay connected to God’s purposes. Each member is encouraged to attend worship each Sunday and/or Wednesday unless sick or out of town.