Clean-Up Crew…

Have you ever been assigned to a “clean-up crew”?
For the past ten years, I have been running church volunteer events and before that youth events and before that I worked at a camp where “clean-up crew” was daily. Not assigning a “clean-up crew” is possibly the worst mistake a church organizer can make. The “clean-up crew” is the most important job of any event and it is oftentimes the worst job to take on at an event. 
A few years ago at our annual foot washing event, I took on the task of helping with the “clean-up crew”. I made the mistake of offering to sweep the fellowship hall. I thought this might be an easy job. It was an easy job but not a very pleasant job. I was the one who ended up sweeping up after the Barry Podiatry School. I swept up one whole dustpan full of toenails…let’s just say they were not manicured toe-nails. In all my years of being part of “clean-up crews” that experience was the hardest and most humbling!
This week in scripture we will read the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. Jesus took on the job of a servant, of the “clean-up crew” for feet before a special meal. Jesus modeled for us the importance of service but also the depth of his love for his disciples and all people. Jesus was not only the “clean-up crew” for feet but also for the souls of each of the disciples. Jesus washed their feet and then through the last supper provided for them a cleansing of their hearts and a new start for each of them…even the ones who would betray him.
There are times in our own lives and in our hearts that we need a “clean-up crew.” There are days and months where are heart is confused and our lives seem to be without direction. Today we remember that Jesus came to be our servant leader as much as he was for the disciples.
Although Jesus is not with us physically, Jesus still is present with us through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is ready to work with us to clean our hearts and lives. All we must do is ask Jesus to come into our hearts and lives each day. Today, I pray that you might open up your life to Christ. Do not be ashamed…we all have a mess. Let Christ in to clean up and bring you to a new place.

See you on Sunday! 
Pastor Audrey