Dreams Delayed and Daily Bread

What is the longest book you have read? Maybe a Harry Potter book? Maybe one from college or high school?

As we read the Bible together this year we see that it is a LOOONNNG book.

As we read the second book of the Bible, Exodus, it is one of the longest books of the Bible and it tells a looooong story. A FORTY-year story.

Exodus speaks of oppression for the first few chapters but then quickly jumps to liberation!

The Exodus is about the Israelites being freed from slavery and God providing an exit for them out of Egypt.

Although the Israelites were free and liberated this did not mean everything was perfect.

The Israelites went from slavery to freedom, to……the promise land….NO…..they went from slavery to…..freedom IN the desert.

They dreamed of the promise land but their dream was delayed as they journeyed through the desert.

This week at our special called General Conference many dreams were also delayed. For our LGBTQI+ members, their dream of being married in our local church has been delayed. For our very own minister of outreach and evangelism, Kipp Nelson, his dream of being ordained is once again delayed.

Delayed dreams seem to be the story of many of the faithful…

In Exodus 16 God hears the cries of God’s people once again and responds by giving them daily bread while they are in the desert. The same is given to us today. Through God’s word and the fellowship of other believers, God gives to us the daily bread we need to wait and keep walking towards the dream God has prepared for us.

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew of this great waiting. He said once, “The arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

As we wait for the bend – let us each move towards God and receive the bread God has for us.

Our dreams may be delayed but while we wait, let us eat of the hope and justice God has prepared for us.

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Audrey