Everyone gets a piece of God’s pie

This Sunday is our PIE DAY! Don’t forget to bring in a pie! 

This Sunday we also are on our 11th word of the Bible…who remembers the first ten? Let me help you out..
1. Creation
2. Relation
3. Liberation
4. Formation
5. Confederation
6. Accommodation
7. Deportation
8. Restoration
9. Sensation
10. Salvation

Now number 11 is, “Evangelization” 

This week we will get to know the characters of Peter and Paul a bit and look to Hebrews for how evangelization takes place in the Bible.  Some people have a bad taste in their mouth about the word evangelism for some it is connected to a political party that is not their own, for others it is connected to the colonization which changed their home countries and cultures forever, and still for others it brings back bad memories of childhood when they were handed tracks that forecasted them for hell. 

This week I would encourage us to look at evangelism differently. At the end of the day, evangelism is means “good news.” Evangelism is about telling the good news of Jesus Christ. This telling is not bragging but rather an invitation.  When we tell someone about the good news of Jesus Christ we are telling them that they too get a piece of God’s pie. They too can experience God’s love- there is not a shortage. 

Today I hope and pray that you too know that you get a piece of God’s pie in Jesus Christ God has offered Godself to each of us. God is never sick of hearing from us, God is never tired of helping us, God is not scared of your problems and God does not sit in sorrow over your sin. Rather, God is willing and ready to hear from you, be with you, fight for and forgive you! 

This week may we each draw close to this God and tell others about God knowing that when we do a small piece of heaven is found on earth!

See you on Sunday, 

See you Sunday, 
Pastor Audrey