God’s Good Word About You

Have you ever been able to speak anything into being? 
Now, if you have an Alexa….and tell Alex to turn the lights on and off and tell Alexa to play music or tell a joke…..this does not count. (Find below a funny video about the Alexa device.)
This past week in worship we started our new series, “Grounded”, where we will go through the Bible in 31 weeks of worship. We started with the creation story and recreation story of Noah and the Ark. 
In the creation story we see the way that God makes things come to being is by speaking them into actual existence. 
God said, “let there be light” and, drumroll please…….there was light!
That’s how it happened. 
God’s words are powerful. God created a world with words and gave us humans the special ability to use words as well. 
Words are powerful. 

The creation story reminds us that the first words spoken were used to create life. This is possibility a model for each of us as we think about the words we use and the words we speak to others. 
This week I challenge each of us to participate in God’s work of creation by using words with other people that create life. 
This could be giving someone a compliment or possibly a life-giving joke or a deep and healing conversation. 
As you go through each day speak life into your spouse, child, friend, parent and all those you will encounter….knowing that when you do YOU are creating with God!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Audrey