Gracefully Growing Together in Downtown Miami

If you were in church last week you will remember that we are starting a sermon series on the book of Jonah! We heard last week that God always calls God’s people on a journey!

The past two and a half years we have been on our own journey as First UMC in Downtown Miami as we have prayed, meet, planned, interviewed, crunch numbers, laughed and cried to get to the point of understanding that people are more important than property. Our church has been an example for the church-at-large as to what it means to be faithful, creative and care more about saving souls than keeping the status quo!

Big News
Yesterday was a big day for our church as we closed on the purchase and sale of our property. You may likely see articles in different publications concerning the closing of the property. Our talented member and PR guru Victoria Randolph has been our PR Consultant through this process and has done a great job in collaborating with our developer’s PR Staff. You can find that press release here:    (Please note that the photo in the article is not a true rendering of what the building will look like. Our design team is now working in a collaborative effort with our architects and PMG’s architects in bi-weekly meetings. More will be revealed about the design of the new building at our next Church Council Meeting).

As we move through a small season in the spotlight we do ask that all media correspondence happen through the church office. If you are contacted by any media please refer them to myself, Pastor Audrey. I will then make sure they get to the proper audience. This is very important as we all want to be on the same page about our future.

Although we are all nervous God calls us to faith and action- this is what our community needs to see and this is what will attract those who engage in the media to our church.

Speaking of media the Breakfast Club ministry was recently recognized in a segment on NBC 6 which will air next Wednesday at 11:30am4pm and 6pm. Miami’s own Roxanne Vargas came out to us on Wednesday and did a special story on the mobile showers, homeless Jesus statue and our redevelopment plans! We will make sure to post that on the church’s page!

All in all we have much to celebrate as a congregation! The road ahead will not be easy! It will be harder before it gets easier but I know without a doubt that this is a journey God has called us to and if God has called us to it God will get us through it!

Please continue to join me in daily prayer for our congregation and exciting new journey with God!

We did it church! Many thanks and more to come to each of you and all of our committees and their chairs past and present who have made this new journey a reality!

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Audrey

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