Have you ever seen, Big Fish?

Not big fish in the ocean or lake but the musical Big Fish?

In the musical, the main character speaks of a giant who lived in a swamp and became his best friend and helped him through some hard times.

Throughout the musical, we can see the giant but many people in the story question if the giant really exists or not.

This week in our scripture we come to the story of David and Goliath. As we read the story from scripture we too might wonder if Goliath was really a giant or a big man or a big story.

The good news is that it really does not matter the size of Goliath or if the story actually happened as every detail explains. The facts of scripture are not what form our faith- faith is not factual. Instead, it is the Truths of scripture which draw us closer to God and help us to trust God more and more.

The important part of the story about the giant and David is not the weight of the giant but that God fought for David and defeated the giant.

The Truth about our worlds is that we most likely will not meet a big giant and only have a rock and slingshot with which to defeat him. Although we will not have physical giants to defeat we each have metaphorical giants in our life that threaten our livelihood or at least or peace and tranquility. The giant might be immigration, finances, children or lack thereof, sickness, grief, anger or death.

The truth this story teaches us is that with God’s help these giants can be defeated and often not in the ways we could guess or assume.

This story calls upon us to bring our battles to the Lord and let God help us fight them rather than trying to do it all alone!

This week share with God one of your battles and ask for God’s help to lead you in the direction you must go to continue to fight. Surrender your will to God and listen for God’s voice in your life and in the face of your giant.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Audrey