How can Christians celebrate Rosh Hashanah?

The weather is changing..can anyone feel it?
There is a breeze in the air, the humidity has dropped- if even a few percentage points and the temp has gone down just a slight bit. Fall is here! It is a new season!

For us Christians, we simply note that one Sunday we “fall back” an hour. (This year it will be Sunday, November 3rd!)
For our Jewish brothers and sisters, the weather is not the only thing that changes this time of year. In September the Jewish religion celebrates a High Holy Day called, Rosh Hashanah. The days commemorates the creation of the world and begins a ten-day period of introspection. Rosh Hashanah ends with Yom Kippur known as the Day of Atonement. Both holidays are part of what is known as the “Jewish New Year.” During this season of change, people pause and take ten days to look at their lives and repent of their sins and get back right with God.

This week in worship and during small groups, we will focus on our fourth word, FORMATION! We will focus on the scripture where God gives to Moses the ten commandments. The commandments were used to form the Israelites in a way of being and living together. The same is true today! The commands God gives us are to form us and put us back right with God and others.

This week take a moment to read Exodus 20. Review the commandments and think about the ways that you have fallen short of them and possibly need to repent. This is one way we as Christians can participate in Rosh Hashanah and even take advantage of the call to look deep inside ourselves to experience the liberating power of God’s commandments.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Audrey