“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

“Hard is not bad.” This phrase was ingrained in my mind while serving as the pastor at Branches UMC.

Kim Torres, the director of programming, would often say this to our youth and young adults when they were encountering “hard” situations.

Even though many reading this email are no longer youth or young adults, many of us can testify that “hard” situations do not let up as we all get older.

Kim’s catchphrase, “Hard is not bad” helps to acknowledge that in life we will experience hard times and situations and people. Sometimes we minimize difficulty, and in the true American spirit, just plow through hard times. Yet, it is important to name something as it is and be honest about how it feels; some things, people, situations and places are just hard.

This past week in scripture we read about Abraham and Sarah. They experienced a particularly hard situation, Sarah’s infertility. Their situation was so hard that they actually turned to their own solutions to solve the problem. They had a baby through their servant, Hagar.

Shortly after this happened Sarah was pregnant. Upon questioning the Lord. God responded with our memory verse this week, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Genesis 18:14.

Although each of us will experience hard situations, people, places and things we do know that in those seasons we can call upon God and we have the assurance that although something might be hard for us, NOTHING is too hard for God.

God is ready to be present with us through hard times and help us figure out solutions and ways forward.

This week I hope and pray each of you can be honest about a hard space in your life. After acknowledging that struggle, pray that God might come and help you through a hard time and give you direction, hope, and peace!

Nothing is too hard for our God!

See you Sunday,
Pastor Audrey