Living in Grace

Have you ever wished you just had a second chance to prove yourself worthy? Because we are all human, we are bound to mess up time and time again. However, messing up always leaves me feeling guilty and shameful. In these moments, I find myself asking for another chance to mend a relationship or show someone how much I truly care about them.

This week we are starting a new sermon series called “Hide and Seek” where we will explore the book of Jonah and the call God placed on his life. In the first chapter of Jonah, God calls him to go to the city of Nineveh, which is full of wickedness and violence. We might naturally relate to Jonah as he runs away from his calling, but I think focusing on God’s presence in the story offers something more for us today.

Although the city of Nineveh is wicked and has done terrible things, God reveals a great love for these “wicked” people when God calls Jonah to go to them. God didn’t say to destroy these people, rather God pursues them with a second chance and an opportunity to be transformed. Likewise, when Jonah runs away from his calling, God is relentless in offering him another chance to change his mind. The same is true for us today. Even when we mess up, there is hope in the fact that God’s love is bigger than our failures. God chooses not to give up on us, and grants us grace every step of the way. God is constantly pursuing us and offering us the opportunity to be transformed by Christ’s love.

This is good news! We are living in a sea of never ending love and grace! I pray that you find God this week with open arms, offering abundant love and forgiveness.

Please keep Pastor Audrey and the South Africa Team in your prayers as they make their way back to Miami. They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, January 12th! If you haven’t had a chance to keep up with their trip, you can read more about their journey in South Africa on their blog:

As always, we invite you to join us this Sunday for a time of worship at either 8:30am or 11am! Pastor Audrey will be preaching both services. We hope to see you there!

Love and peace,
Pastor Kipp