Love is a Test

This week in worship we will light the candle of LOVE! 
As Christians we speak about love often. Even those who are not practicing Christians are drawn to 1 Corinthians 13 (Love is patient, love is kind….) when choosing scripture or poems for their weddings. 
Love is all the things Paul speaks of in Corinthians. 
This week in our scripture we also see that love is also a test….
God tells Ahaz in Isaiah to put God to the test and ask for a sign. Ahaz refuses to put God to the test. God then tells Ahaz the sign that he will send….which is Jesus Christ. 
The exchange between God and Ahaz reveals to us the desire God has to have a real relationship with us. 
The love we have with God is not simply good actions on our side, or loft words. The love God gives us is not simply seen through gifts we might receive as blessings and the knowledge of God with us. 
God asks Ahaz to have a conversation and to ask God of something….a sign even. God refuses to have a lofty and far relationship with Ahaz. 
The same is true with us! 
We see this as God came in Jesus Christ. God no longer wanted to be far from humans and be seen in a cloud and heard in a fire. God wanted to have skin and be close. God wanted a real relationship. This is love. 
This week as we come to the finish lines of the Christmas season. A true time of pretense and parties I pray that we also might find a real time of love with those in our lives. Possibly this means stopping the wrapping madness for ten minutes and sharing with your spouse why you are grateful for them. Maybe you will sign-up to help with our hot breakfast for the homeless. Possibly you can get outside for a walk and have a very real conversation with God. 
Wherever the next few weeks find you….take time to love in a real way….knowing that when you do a small piece of heaven finds its way on earth!

See you on Sunday!

Pastor Audrey