Our Business

A few weeks ago in worship, we ended the service to find a few different people shedding some tears. The people were newer to the church and they were younger in age. After the service, our pastoral staff was able to meet with these folks and pray with them. As I left the church that day I drove home with a renewed sense of our mission downtown.

For the past three and a half years much of our attention has been on dreaming about a new building, planning for a new building, moving out of an old building, moving into a new church, having new “roommates”, tearing down an older building and now building a new one up. Although this work has been fun and to the larger world might seem very exciting and I might even say “sexy”, at the end of the day this building business is not our primary business.

I was reminded once again a few Sundays ago that our primary business is to be the hands and feet of God who show up on Sunday, worship God and care for one another! After worship, I thought about the host of people who have surrounded these younger folks through some hard times. I am so proud of our church and how we continue to put our people first.

Last week in worship we spoke about the fourth word of scripture, “formation.” We spoke about being formed by God’s law and scripture. Similarly, we are formed by each other, our Christian community! Many thanks to you, FUMC, for forming each other and being there for each other- THIS IS OUR BUSINESS! This is why we do what we do! AND when we do we experience God’s presence in abundance.

Relationships are not only the business of the church but our daily business as humans and God’s people! This week I pray that each of us might humble our hearts and see every person as a human with needs, hurts, joy and desires. May we be gentle with one another as God is so gentle with us!

See you Sunday,
Pastor Audrey