Rights and Responsibility…

In life, there are many “rights of passage”. Many of us remember turning fifteen and receiving our driver’s license or possibly turning twenty- one and trying a drink for the first time. Some might have even gotten a thrill from the possibility of renting a car at the age of twenty-five.

These moments in time where we receive the “right” to do something are exhilarating but if we are honest they are probably also a bit frightening if we actually take them seriously. With each right comes a great deal of responsibility.

In our scripture this week we focus again on Jacob. Jacob was born a twin to Esau. Esau was the first to come out but only with Jacob grabbing his ankle. The grabbing did not stop after delivery. Jacob grabbed for Esau’s birthright and got it as well as his blessing. In the story we will read this week from Genesis 28 Jacob fears Esau will kill him and so Isaac sends him off to go find a wife and start a new life with this blessing.

While on his way Jacob has a strange dream of a ladder with angels descending and ascending to heaven. He then hears God’s promise to make him a great nation, to protect him and give him land. Jacob wakes up and he was afraid!

Why should Jacob be afraid? I do not think his fear was born out of being scared but rather experiencing a divine encounter with God. An encounter where he realizes for the first time the great honor and responsibility that comes with his birthright and blessing!

Jacob reminds us that with each “right” we have in life┬ábears great responsibility. With each gift in life we must be grateful and not take them for granted. This week I pray that each of us might take a moment to pause and reflect on the many “rights” we have and how we are using them responsibly and in a way that honors God. Many of us have rights we receive in the workplace, as parents and even as members of our church. In what ways do we hold these responsibilities as gifts? In what ways can we honor God with each of them? How might we be grateful for all we have in life?

Today know that God loves to give and God loves to bless! May we see God’s blessings today and respond with gratitude!

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Audrey