Saying What No One Wants to Hear

Are you the person who usually says what no one wants to hear?

Are you someone who speaks from the heart and bears the bad news?

Or maybe you are not this person at all but have had the painstaking job to reveal bad news or a harsh truth to a friend or family member.

If you can relate to this you can relate to the job of the prophets of whom we will hear about in worship this week.

The prophets were men and sometimes women who were called by God to speak truth to God’s people. At times they would encourage them to change their lives or warn them that something they were doing would get them in trouble.

Books from the Bible like Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah and Ezekiel are some of these books. When you read them you might actually become afraid at some of the descriptions of the consequences that would come upon the people of God if they continued to behave in a sinful way.

Yet, in almost each of the prophet books there is not simply a prophesy for destruction but a prophecy of hope and a way back to God. Many of these verses include imagery of water.

This week our memory verse from Isaiah is “Come, all who are thirty, come to the waters of life.” Isaiah 55:1.

Although Isaiah has some very harsh realities to share with Israel he also has a call for them….to come back to God….who is the water of life.

Maybe today you find yourself as a prophet or maybe today you are in need of a prophecy….wherever you are remember that the goal of it all is that all might come and experience the Jesus who is the water of life.

The goal of the prophet is not righteousness or even being right…the goal of the prophet is to bring people back to the water of life.

This week I pray that each of us might take a moment to spend with Jesus knowing that this is Jesus’ greatest desire for us- to experience life and experience it to the fullest. We do this through a living relationship with Jesus Christ who is the water of life!

See you in worship this Sunday!

See you Sunday!
Pastor Audrey