Serve Others

“Serve others.  The unfailing recipe for happiness and success is to want the good of others. Happiness and success is when I see others happy. Happiness is a shared thing.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

This week in worship we hear Jesus say, “Do not worry!” Don’t worry about what you will eat or wear…

This command gives us the freedom to give and serve others.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to give because we believe we might not have enough BUT we are reminded that we will always have what we need in Jesus Christ.

Desmond Tutu also reminds us in the quote above that our ability to give is directly tied to our happiness.

Have you ever noticed that you are happy when you give?

When we give our time, our money or simply a listening hear something happens inside of us.

As we approach Thanksgiving I encourage each of us to take on a spirit of gratitude- not because we have everything we want BUT because in Jesus Christ we have all we need!

See you Sunday…under the tent!
Pastor Audrey

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