Starting Small…

“Bigger is Better!” Many of us have heard this phrase before. In many areas, this can be true…for example, if there were a flood a bigger boat would be better than a small boat. This was true in the Story of Noah from Genesis.

The first fourteen chapters of Genesis speak about BIG things. God creating a BIG world. Adam and Eve making a BIG mistake. Cain killing Abel. Noah building a big boat. In the story of the Tower of Babel, we see humanity build a BIG tower! But in chapter 15 things become very small. Instead of grand gestures and actions, God begins to focus on ONE family. God chose to make a covenant with Abram and work through him and his family. God chose to work to transform Abram and his family in hopes that they would go on to transform the world.

God's plan for salvation and transforming God's creation was a relationship.   God started over again with humanity and this time started very small.  God did not start small only with Abram but God makes the same promise and wants the same relationship with each of us.   God also sets for us an example of how true transformation happens. It is usually not through a big scheme or plan but relationships. 

This week I wonder which relationships God wants you to focus on? Possibly a partner or friend, definitely, your relationship with God.  Today take stock of your relationships...are they transformative or toxic? In what ways is God calling you to deeper and healthy relationships?  

God showed us that God did not throw in the towel and did not give up. We too must keep going in our relationships and let God use them to transform us and bring us closer to Christ. 

See you Sunday!