Although the Bible is called our “Holy Book” there is a quite a bit of “unholiness” within it!
After the beautiful story of creation, the Bible turns 180 degrees and tells a story of temptation. The serpent tempts Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden, promising that if they eat it they will be like God. Unfortunately, they give in to this temptation.
Again and again, we see the theme of temptation throughout scripture and most of the time our biblical heroes give in to the temptations that surround them. David gave into temptation and committed adultery with Bathsheba. Peter gave into the temptation to deny Jesus. Samson gave into the temptation of Delilah. For some characters, their failure was not fatal and for some, like Samson, it was!
This week in worship we will focus on the first thing Jesus did as he began his ministry- he was tempted.
We are reminded in scripture that temptation is part of life. God did not create humans as machines who are pre-programmed to do what God would do in all situations. We are not robots but instead were given a brain.
In the first temptation story, we see the temptation is to “be like God, knowing good and evil.” The temptation is to not be human- the very thing that God created us to be. God did not create us perfect but human.
As humans, we will struggle to know what is the greatest good in a situation or what is the best decision or which decision will honor God most. We will be tempted to give in to anger, jealousy, laziness and a number of other “deadly sins.”
Yet, in our temptation, we know that we are not alone.
Even Jesus was tempted.
Through Jesus’ temptation, he prayed and fasted. He was aware that he was being tempted.
Possibly the first step in seeking God in our temptation is to recognize that we are being tempted and then seek God through prayer.
Temptation is part of every person’s life. Part of Jesus being human was that he was tempted.
This week let us recognize the temptation and push through with the help of Jesus who has gone before us.
See you Sunday!
Pastor Audrey

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