The First Chapter…..

A book opened on the grass with a leaf for a bookmark.

The first chapter of a book really gives you a preview of what is to come. Characters are introduced, the location is often revealed and the beginning of a plot is formed.

If we think about the Bible in this way, as a literary document, which it is, greater meaning is given to all that happens in the first chapter.

In the very first chapter characters are introduced. God is the primary character and God introduces the rest by creating each one. The characters do not simply appear in a location but the location too is created in the first chapter.

As for the plot, it starts out very simple, there is a God who wants to create and so God creates land, sea, air, animals, and humans.

God looks at all that was made and says, “it is very good!” (Genesis 1:31).

We know the plot thickens starting in chapter 2 of Genesis but this first chapter is so important. It really is the first chapter of everyday. Everyday is a new creation. Every single day is a gift from God.

AND everyday God sees us as VERY GOOD! This is not only God’s perception of us. Perception is often how we see the world- not so much by truth but by a compilation of glimpses and experiences. Unfortunately, many of us take a selected amount of glimpses of someone’s life and assume them to be the person we need them to be for our own justification or fulfillment. Sometimes these perceptions are generous and many times not.

YET, God always sees everything…God sees every day, every thought, every action and every word. God sees the truth about each of us and all the facts. Even with that God still looks at us as God did the first day….as VERY GOOD! Today I pray that each of us might know deep inside God’s perception of us- “she is very good” or “he is very good.”

I also pray that we might know that the first chapter written about us is truly our most defining chapter.

We are God’s creation and we are good.

YOU are God’s creation and you are good!

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Audrey

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Posted by First United Methodist Church of Miami on Monday, July 30, 2018

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