Throwback Thursday

“Throwback Thursday” is a theme on Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms where people post older photos on Thursdays.

As we are in a season of remembering as our Church Building is being demolished this week I thought it might be nice to showcase a very special “Throwback Thursday” photo!

The photo below is the very first Chrismon service that FUMC had back in 1967. Not only was it the first Chrismon service but it was the first Christmas season that Trinity Methodist and White Temple Methodist had together under their new name, First United Methodist Church of Miami. The service was held in Trinity’s building as White Temple had unfortunately burned down.

In the picture, you will see Wilma Baggesen helping the children. The child looking directly at the camera is Steve Carter which makes this picture so special as he passed away this past year.

Also in the photo are Larry and Opal Winebrenner’s children.

Bonnie Massey put together the Chrismons that year, and this service was a beautiful sign of unity as two churches came together to be one in mission to Downtown Miami.

This picture is a simple sign of God’s faithfulness to our Church and a reminder of how God has been present in past change.

As we begin this Christmas Season we naturally think back to Christmas’ past and remember those we have lost and those we have loved. I pray that as we reflect we might also reflect on God’s faithfulness in our own lives. The way God has shown up to comfort us or guide us in tough times or when we needed a new direction.

As we begin the season of Advent thinks about years past. How has God been faithful in your life? What “throwback Thursday” photo can you think back to that tells a story of God’s love in your life?

As you begin this season know that God is with you and loves you with an unconditional love!

See you on Sunday….join us for our Chrismon service at 11:30 am!
Pastor Audrey

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  1. SYlVIA WORRELL says:

    I enjoyed the beautiful Easter Sunrise Service at the Bayside Marina Stage on Sunday, April 21, 2019. Happy Eastertide to all!

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