Water into Wine….

Have you ever been to a party where the food has run out before the end of the night?
This is surely a Bride’s worst nightmare. We have created meticulous invitation systems in the modern wedding planning to make sure this very thing does not happen.
As the host of a party, you never want the food or drinks to run out.
This is exactly what happened during the wedding that Jesus and his mother Mary attended.
The wedding wine ran out before the party!
For some reason, Mary is motivated to try and solve the problem.
Maybe the hosts were family or close friends of Mary? Maybe Mary was deeply empathetic and wanted to simply help the soon to be humiliated guests?
My favorite possibility for Mary’s concern, maybe Mary simply wanted more wine herself?
Whatever the reason Mary involves herself in the situation she knows who can provide a solution, her son, Jesus.
Jesus’ reply was that it was not yet his time. Mary completely disregards his comments and tells the servant to do whatever he asks.
Jesus’ instructions were simple and before we knew it….more wine…the best wine.
In the parable, we see that Jesus takes what could be a humiliating situation and turns it into one of grace and extravagance.
Jesus and Mary could have interrogated that family asking:
– Why don’t you have enough?
– Did you count wrong?
– Did you not send the invitations out on time?
– How could you let this happen?
– Did people show up whom you didn’t invite? If so, why didn’t you kick them out?
Instead of interrogating them or letting them be humiliated Jesus solves the problem.
Jesus turns what could have been a shaming situation into one of supreme blessing. Not only did the couple have wine throughout the whole night but they saved the best for last.
What began as a story of scarcity ended as a story of abundance.
This is what Jesus does in our lives. Jesus turns our shameful situations into ones of grace and salvation.
One of the hymns that best exemplifies this miracle for me is the hymn, Something Beautiful. Enjoy the words of this hymn as a prayer for your day!

Something beautiful, something good

All my confusion He understood

All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife

But he made something beautiful of my life

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