What Chrismas Teaches Us About Control

Growing up I had a tight group of friends. From second grade through today we are still close.

I remember when the first one of us got pregnant. She was just 23 years old and teaching a local elementary school. Right after she got married she planned her pregnancy. She wanted to have the baby in the springtime so she could leave for maternity leave and then not go back to teaching until the next fall.

Guess when she got pregnant and thus guess when she delivered the baby? She had the baby in January!

Her plan did not work out.

As much as she tried to control when and how she eventually learned that she could not control it.

The stories surrounding Christmas in the Bible teach us this truth which I believe leads to a closer encounter with Christ.

The past two weeks in worship we spoke of the baby boy that changed Mary and Joseph’s world- Jesus. Mary was not planning to get pregnant. She was too young and not yet betrothed to Joseph!

This week and next we will focus on another couple who was changed by a baby boy, Elizabeth, and Zechariah. They too became pregnant- they were not too young BUT they were too OLD! Although they had hoped for a baby by the point they were pregnant they had accepted their barren lot in life.

One couple too young, one couple too old. Neither of them had any control.

The Christmas story teaches us this important lesson. We do not have control.

Things do not happen when they want them and often times not even how we want them no matter how hard we plan and try!

Sometimes things don’t even happen the way God might have them too.

Yet, when we realize we do not have control we reach for a higher power that gives us the strength and most of all gives us the peace to confront and work through any and all situations.

Today, think about a person, situation or thing you are trying to control. Ask God to help you release control.

Think about why you feel the need to control the person, situation or thing. Ask God to release you from that motivation.

Think about what it would look like if you released control and ask God to give you the power to live into a new life of freedom and peace.

God knows that we can only control ourselves. Ask God to help you take control of the things in your life that need tending and loving.

May we release our control this week and in return receive the peace of Christ!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Audrey