Your Spiritual Gifts…

Did you know that you have a spiritual gift? Many Christians often get uncomfortable when they hear the words “spiritual gifts”. Some may automatically think of speaking in tongues or even preaching or teaching. While these are spiritual gifts, there are a multitude of other gifts that the people of God bring to the body of Christ.

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul describes some of the various gifts as crucial parts of the body of Christ. He explains that although all of our gifts look very different, we are all a part of ONE body. Our gifts together make up the body of Christ.

As we journey together in another calendar year and a new season within our church, I pray that you all may reflect about the gifts that you bring to our community. It is easy to feel insecure or think that we don’t have anything to offer, but our scripture this week teaches us that every single one of us is a crucial member of Christ’s body. Without every one of us, the body is incomplete. I pray every one of you comes to know that you alone are a gift and you bring a special offering to our church body.

We are about to begin a new sermon series focused on being grounded in our faith for the upcoming year. As we enter into this spiritual journey, it is important to recognize that we are better grounded when we function as one body as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians. Know that you have a gift and you are a part of our body, our family, and our community. You help us stay grounded and centered on Christ as we follow God’s calling to serve our city.

This week, take some time and think about the gifts that you bring and ask God how you might offer that more fully over the upcoming weeks and months. I pray this is an enlightening and life-giving experience for you, knowing you are loved and valued by God and by our community.

We look forward to seeing you in worship this Sunday!


Pastor Kipp