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That's Why We Pray is the official podcast of First Church Miami covering our 365-day devotional book Verses to Live By, now available on Amazon.

Verses to Live By Devotional Book

Prayer has been powerful in the lives of so many in our congregation. Daily prayer and devotion has the power to draw us closer to God, change our mindset, bring peace, nurture our mental health and give us the power and strength to live these beautiful and scary and mysterious lives we lead. We pray that this daily devotion will give you a verse throughout the Bible to ponder each day. We hope each scripture will strengthen you. Each day there is a short devotion written by a staff member and we pray this will uplift you! We have also provided a place for you to respond. So many of us carry the prayer requests of so many and we have provided a space for you to write down the names of people you are praying for each day. In addition we have added a section for you to check in with your own heart, soul, mind and strength each day! May this small book be a blessing to you and may it honor God and draw us all closer to our great creator, redeemer and sustainer!